How to Sell

Are you ready to start earning extra income? You can start this weekend!

Set up for the day or reserve by the month and save money it’s so easy!

Daily Selling

For those vendors who want to sell for one day, spaces are available on a first come/first serve basis. On Saturday or Sunday arrive prior to 7am and see our yardman at the main entrance. The rent for the day is $13.00 for each 3×8 table or ground space. You can park directly behind your selling area. We encourage you to pay by the month and save nearly 50% – only $7 per day!

Monthly Selling

Vendors are encouraged to reserve tables on a monthly basis. Not only are you guaranteed a selling location, but your customers will be able to return to you week after week for repeat business. You will also receive a discount with a monthly reservation. Please stop by the main office for prices and availability.

Indoor Selling

Our indoor booths provide you with a year round, weather proof selling area.  This allows to build up a regular client base for repeat business year after year.

A single 12 x 15 booth is offered as low as $160 per month.  Please stop by the office for availability.

As a bonus, indoor vendors are featured in our printed and on-line BUILDING DIRECTORY

click here for office hours

Food Items

Anyone interested in selling food items must obtain prior permission from the Englishtown Auction Sales Management.

Taxable Items

If you are selling a taxable item, you must register with the New Jersey Division of Taxation (800) 323-4400.

Taxation: All vendors

All vendors must register with the New Jersey Division of Taxation, regardless if you are selling a taxable item. New Jersey Division of Taxation 1-800-323-4400.