Englishtown Auction Sales

90 Wilson Ave., Englishtown, NJ 07726. 732-446-9644.
Shopping Hours: SAT & SUN 8am-4pm One of the Largest Open Air Markets in the United States - We Have: Antiques, Apparel, Bargains, Books, Bicycles, Cut Flowers, Coats, CD's, Comforters, Cutlery, Cats, Dresses, Dogs, Diamonds, Dishes, Earrings, Electronics, Entertainment, Fabric, Fashion Accessories, Garage Sales, Garden Supplies, Games, Health and Beauty Supplies, Hammers, Infant Toys, Jewelry Repair, Kites, Kosher Hotdogs, Knitwear, Lamps, Musical Instruments, Neck Ties, Outerwear, Office Supplies, Oil Paintings, Plants, Pet Supplies, Quilts, Sneakers, Socks, Sunglasses, Tailoring, Toys, Table-wear, Towels, Underwear, Umbrellas, Vacuum Repair, Vegetables, Watches, Window Treatments, Wreaths, X-mas Store, Yarn, Yard Sales, and a Zillion more things!..................................................................
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Your Weekend Shopping Headquarters and a Full Day of Family Fun!

We are open every weekend - rain or shine. With free admission and ample free parking, we make it easy for you to get everything on your shopping list in one great location. Pick up one of our Building Directories at the office or click here to download one. It features over 300 vendors. If you still can't find what your looking for ask our friendly office staff - they can assist you!

Many of our indoor vendors accept major credit cards and we also have two ATMs one located at the food court on 42nd Street by the Red Building food court and a second located outside the restrooms at the Mainbrook Tavern. What are you waiting for? Get on down here and shop 'til you drop! Click here for directions.


  • Arrive early to be sure you find the best parking space.  When choosing a parking location, bear in mind how often you plan to bring items back to your car.   Bring a tote, backpack or other equipment to carry your purchases. Wagons or carts are often used for hauling. 
  • If you plan to return to a particular vendor, be sure to note the name of the street and the booth number. 
  • Since we are open rain or shine, be prepared for a change in the weather. Dress appropriately in layers. Don't forget comfortable shoes and sunscreen, Take time to rest and replenish fluids. 
  • Brush up on your negotiation skills. Most dealers expect you to bargain. If you feel uncomfortable about this, just ask "what would your best price be on this item?".
  • The following may come in handy; notebook, sunscreen, sun/rain hat, fanny pack, and a plastic poncho.
  • Looking for something in particular? Ask the main office who carries similar items. Chances are, we will have great recommendations.
  We have it all  -  from A  to  Z!  

Apples, Antiques, Apparel, Action Figures, Albums

Baseball Gloves, Beer, Bargains, Books, Bicycles

Cut Flowers, Coats, CD's, Comforters, Cutlery, Cats

Dresses, Dogs, Diamonds, Dishes, Dahlias, Doormats

Earrings, Eggs, Electronics, Essential Oils, Entertainment
Funnel Cakes, Fabric, Fashion Accessories, Fur

Garage Sales, Garden Supplies, Games, Gee-Gaws

Health and Beauty Supplies, Hammers, Head Gear

Infant Toys, Ice Packs, Imports, Iris, Index Cards

Jewelry Repair, Jade, Jars of Jam, Jute Rugs, Jax

Kites, Kittens, Knish, Kosher Hotdogs, Knitwear

Lamps, Lemonade, Lollipops, Lens Caps, Locks 

Musical Instruments, Muslin, Mustard, Mail Boxes

Necklaces, Neck Braces, Neck Ties, Navel Oranges

Outerwear, Office Supplies, Oil Paintings, Okra, Olives

Puppies, Plants, Pet Supplies, Pomegranates, Pot Pourri

Quarts of Oil, Quilts, Q-Tips, Quiz Books, Quinine Water

Rakes, Repellent, Rings, Rulers, Rotisserie Chicken

Sneakers, Socks, Sunglasses, Saw Horses, Stationary

Tailoring, Toys, Table-wear, Towels, Trees, Telephones

Underwear, Umbrellas, Ukulele, Uniforms, Unguents

Vacuum Repair, Varnish, Vegetables, Vanilla Shakes

Watches, Window Treatments, Wrought Iron, Wreathes

Xylophones, X-mas Gifts, X-men Comic Books

Yo Yo's, Yogurt, Yarn, Yard Sales, Yards of Fabric

Zippers, Zucchini, and a Zillion more things!



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